Sensitivity analysis toolbox

Price: € 300 - € 1 000

The Eikos Sensitivy Analysis Toolbox supports “state of the art” sensitivity analysis methods (local as well as global). Sensitivity analysis (SA) is used to assess the influence of model parameters on model predictions.

Toolbox features

The Eikos Sensitivity toolbox is an optional fully integrated module for AFRY Intelligent Scenario Modelling and is thus most suitable for use with AFRY Intelligent Scenario Modelling models, although external models are also supported by exporting/importing samples of model inputs and/or model predictions.

Correlations between parameters may be induced by rank order correlation (method of Iman and Conover). The supported sampling techniques are: Monte carlo, Latin Hypercube and Quasi-random LPt. The SA methods included are:

Eikos provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) which let you:

Sensitivity analysis toolbox

It is also possible to perform sensitivity analysis on groups of parameters (using extensions of the Sobol or EFAST methods). In this way the influence of each of the selected parameters as well as any combination of them is accounted for when computing the sensitivity indices on a given output.

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